Great points, doitright!

I think that if you combine this with the kind of view the Oculus Rift screen gives you you are on your way. Each and every are different. I believe that to achieve this making a censor on the headset that would be positioned on the upper knock where your spinal column is slightly before it branches off to the brain.

If you were to attempt to walk, at least this is what I have deduced, your brain would still send the SAME singles to your legs/muscles. If it could be possible that a VR helmet like the Nerve Gear could activate SP then we’ve got the first step of making a technique to make this Nerve Gear work.Since I am only fourteen I don’t really know everything about science, but this could be a possibility am I right? There is much more to do.. but this could be the first step.I think we can get pretty far with making it if we can get someone in SP by sending out pulses to the brain.Regards,Sander Great points, doitright!

Thank you. Thank you. The 24 hr clock is in use today in certain areas, such as the military and aviation, to avoid just those confusions between AM and PM you mentioned. Читать далее